Privacy Policy

Peter Webber Menswear recognises the important of protecting the privacy of our customers and other parties who provide their personal information to us.

Our Policy for protecting the privacy of our customers is outlined below:

The information we collect from you is what is reasonably necessary for our business functions. We may collect the following information from you:

  •  Name
  •  Residential or business address.
  •  email address
  •  Post code
  •  Gender
  •  Age or Birth date
  •  Signature
  •  Telephone Number
  •  Proof of identity; Drivers licence or passport
  •  If you are a candidate for recruitment we may collect other information which will be set out in your c.v. or application form for employment.

Purpose of collection of your personal information:

We collect your personal information for the primary purpose of being able to sell our products to you. In addition we collect your personal information for the following purposes:

  •  To provide you with products and services you have requested from us.
  •  To communicate with you about products and services which may be of interest to you.
  •  To answer your question and provide information or advise.
  •  To interact with you using social media and digital marketing.
  •  To create orders, transaction records, agreements for the sales of products or services, accounts, tax invoices or receipts.
  •  If you are a loyalty program member, to service your loyalty account, fulfill redemptions, and to provide rewards and special offers to you.
  •  To assist in the delivery of products via delivery services and fulfillment managers.
  •  To carry out administration, marketing, planning, fraud and loss prevention activities, procurement, product and service development, quality control and research to improve the way Peter Webber Menswear provides products and services to you.
  •  To consider and respond to complaints made by you.
  •  To comply with laws and regulations, or to comply with any directions given to us by regulators or authorities.
  •  If you are a candidate for employment to consider your application for employment.
If we are unable to collect relevant information from you it may effect our ability to provide products or sevices to you.
Pseudonyms and anonymity:
While you have the right to use a pseudonym or remain amonymous when dealing with us, it may prevent us from delivering products or services to you. This is particularly relevant when posting items to your address.
We do not use cookies in conjunction with our web site.
Unsolicited Information:
We will endeavour to only take information from you that is necessary for our business functions, we may delete any additional information provided to us.
How we collect your personal information:
Normally we collect information from you directly unless it is unreasonable or impractical to do so.
How we hold your personal information:
We may hold your information in electronic or hard copy form
We use industry standard security measures to safeguard your information. This includes taking reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is protected from misuse, loss, unauthorised access modifications or disclosure.
Disclosure of your personal information:
Your information may be disclosed in connection with any purposes for any of the following;
  •  Our employees, contractors or service providers to the extent that it is necessary to provide services to you. This may include internet service providers, IT service administrators, mailing houses, couriers, payment processors, and data entry service providers.
  •  Our business advisors, including accountants, lawyers, or other professional service providers.
  •  If required by law to any person such authorised by law. This may include the police service, ambulance service or government departments or regulators within Australia in connection with Law enforcement activities and;
  •  For any other purpose permitted by law
Your personal information will not be shared, sold, rented or disclosed other than as prescribed in this policy statement.